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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Universal Blessing: How to establish world peace

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Universal Blessing: God Loves All People

I woke up this morning to the beat of a different drum. A red headed woodpecker was rudely pecking away upon the roof. In response my German Shepherd dog barked in alarm and I arose to a bright, glorious and sunny day. There was not a cloud in the sky, a perfect day for being out and about, a perfect day for doing just about anything.

Last night I was up rather late working upon a new design series entitled "Universal Blessing." Then this morning I continued this line of reasoning to create a "Universal Love" series. This is a set of designs which promotes love among all people of the world beginning with those countries or regions of the world toward which there is the greatest ill will or conflict now focused.

It is the purpose of these designs to promote love and peace among all people. These designs feature a Star Burst Heart inset upon a Harmony Carpet which consist of 64 Indian swastika hearts that have been fractured to present a mosaic, symbolic of broken hearts to represent how war ultimately breaks the heart of people of all nations. This design therefore can be used universally to promote love, peace and goodwill among all humanity. It is a synthesis of ancient and new symbolism and may therefore be embraced by all people of the world and used to promote peace, love and harmony.

I created a set of Universal Love designs featuring twelve countries or regions: China, India, Japan, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Taiwan, Israel, Arabia, USA and Europe. Over time I may add more nations to this design series as certainly every nation and region may be represented. Perhaps I will add Africa as a 13th design given there is much conflict and war in Africa which has been overlooked by the world press and media. Also an "I Love America" design would certainly be appropriate as this may represent all of North and South America rather than just the United States of America.

No doubt there will be those who criticize this design or who do not understand it. The symbolism I have used is a complex blend. It requires reflection to understand this design. Rather than use just a heart, a cross, a star or other simple symbolism, I have used a complex synthesis of basic symbols that this design may be embraced by all people. The process of making peace and love is not easy and involves people being able to understand each other and set aside their differences focusing upon their similarities. This design may stimulate debate and through the process bring people to reflect not only upon their nationalism, but upon the ideas of love and hate which bring them together or keep them apart.

I am well aware that there already exists a "Peace Symbol" and certainly such symbols a the heart and the cross are symbols of love. Yet these singular, simplistic symbols do not in and of themselves reach out and pull people together. The "Universal Harmony" carpet design that I have created uses ancient symbolism to reach out across the divide of race, religion, ethnic and national origin to bring people together.

This design and its many variations will take some getting use to. I have no delusions that it will be adopted over night by the masses of humanity. The process of bringing peace and love to the world is a long process. It may take hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. I will certainly not live to see the day when universal peace and love are achieved. Yet should I be remembered for anything, I hope it is the fact that I at least made an attempt, made an effort, and began a process to create a world where all people love one another, a world without war.

This is a great dream. A world without war where people of all nations, people of diverse religions, do not resort to violence to resolve disputes or conflict, is certainly a dream. I have no delusions in this regard. In fact, the awareness that war and conflict exist is why I have been motivated to work toward its abolition. I invite all who share my dream of a world without war to embrace the designs I have created and to use them to promote universal love.

You may view the "Universal Blessing" design and other religious symbolism I have created at "Universal Blessing".


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