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Saturday, October 29, 2005

LOST: Eternal love, the Celtic cross and other symbolism

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LOST: 4815162342

What do you think the mysterious number on the ABC series "LOST" means? Does anyone have any ideas about this? Certainly the producers of this series have a surprise in store for the viewers. Will this be revealed anytime soon? Can anyone possibly guess what this mysterious number may possibly mean? Does the meaning which may be attributed to it by the writers or producers need to be its only meaning? Certainly when through the power of the mass media such a tale is created, then viewers may dream and imagine and create within their own minds alternate story plots, endings and even significance for such tales as the meaning of these mystical, repetitive numbers: 4815162342.

Given the popularity and fascination that the series "LOST" has created, I decided to make a series of designs related to this mysterious number. I also discovered that someone else has created a LOST web site at How odd! Now that has to take the cake, a web site that is based upon a random number and a popular TV program.

Still, no one really knows what meaning, if any, writers and producers of "LOST" will attribute to this number. Perhaps they will just let it continue to be a matter of speculation. I have my own ideas in these regards. The number is symbolic of the ideal human bio mass of the planet Earth, such that any number of people over this amount will cause stress upon the planet and result in conflict to relieve that stress, such that in the series LOST, the button must be pushed evey 108 minutes, the clock to have begun ticking when this hypothetical number of people was reached. This would fit in with the story's plot, as that number had been reached and exceeded some years ago at about the same time that the biosphere project was originally created upon this fictional island in the South Pacific.

Apparently I am not the only person to come independently to this same conclusion as it was discussed on a thread on the board. I was not aware of this fact until after I made my original, unique matrix design attributing this number to world population. I had seen a counter of the world population growth at Disney World and knew that it was during the 1980's that the world population was on the order of 4.8 million. It was a simple logical association to conclude that the LOST series producers using 1980's technology for the period in which the biosphere was created to incorporate this number into their plot for the creation of a timing device. What is the purpose of such a device? Well, given these fictional Skinner klanners build their station upon a volcanic island, it would be logical to conclude that a dooms day device designed to trigger a volcanic eruption was build, to detonate when the world population reached 4,815,262,342, such that the counter must be reset each 108 minutes by human beings based upon the premise that sane humans still existed and were able to enter the code, that an interval of 108 minutes is used to involve cooperative effort as an indicator that sane humans existed. The dooms day device would, in theory, creat a volcanic eruption of such magnitude that it would block out the sun's light, cause a nuclear winter, and in so doing keep the planet's population in check.

As for the iconic 4815162342 number worshippers, the board creators obviously want to make a profit from their designs. The formula they are using is not so difficult to fathom. Simply create a popular board based upon a popular TV series and market merchandise via It does not take a genius to figure that out. As for what may be in the minds of the producers of "LOST" it is anyone's guess, but it, too, involves making a profit. Entertainment is big business and the motive behind the creation of television programing as well as movies is often dollars and cents. The number $4,815,262,342 may be how much money they hope to make before cancelling the series! :-)

However, I have another idea related to this matter, one which I fathomed while thinking about my dearest love, Nichole, and how much I missed her love. This rather large number is symbolic of how LOST one feels when they love someone and lose the object of their affection. Thus we are all "LOST" without love.

I have no delusions that the producers of "LOST" could have possibly conceived of such a romantic tale and attributed such a significance to this number. But the idea certainly is one which moves the heart to contemplation as is the idea that this may relate to the ideal projected human bio mass of the planet Earth, such that once this number is exceeded we are all LOST!

Thus the program has a powerful message in store for viewers, that the explosion of the world's population leaves us all doomed. Yet without love are not we doomed anyway? It is a world without love that really dooms each and everyone of us. This is why I have attributed another meaning to this number, that it is how LOST one feels when they are not in the arms of their lovers.

This is a very romantic idea and really it fits right in with the design series I have been working on while traveling around the world. The idea is to explore the wonders of the world and reflect those wonders as expressions and inspiration of love. This is the reason I have inset the wonders of the world upon Harmony Carpets and have used Star Burst Hearts as a motif in many of my designs.

The design below is one inspired by my deep affection for Nicole which I produced as an expression of "Eternal Love" for all lovers who would like to communicate this idea to others. When I was a Bryce Canyon in Utah hiking along a trail that went down into the canyon, I met a young woman and spoke with her about her religion. She said she was a Mormon and that the Mormon's believed in eternal love. She said that she was bound by her faith to only marry within her church, as only then would love be eternal.

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A Symbol of Endless Love

It would seem to me that love is eternal, is endless by nature, and that it is only for humans to realize this to have and know endless love. Love, thus, is always had, is always found, and never lost, should one come to this realization within their own hearts. Although you may lose the object of your affections, love itself is never lost for love is within one's heart and thus is never lost.

The symbol I have use to express an endless, eternal love, is based upon the Celtic Cross. This is a cross such that the horizontal axis expresses a bond with the spiritual world and the vertical axis expresses an earthly world. The circle between the horizontal and vertical lines of the cross are symbolic of the infinite nature of God or Love. What I have done is to create a Harmony Carpet using 64 Celtic Crosses, ancient spiritual symbols, then producing a tile mosaic in which I have inset the Star Burst Heart. This provides a very beautiful design in which to express those sentiments most reflective of God, love and their infinite and/or eternal nature.

I used the Celtic Cross Harmony Carpet to produce a series of "God Is Love" designs and "Eternal Love" designs that are posted in the Byteland Art Gallery: Religious Themes Collection. Here you will also be able to find other designs I have created related to religion. It should be noted that I do not promote one faith over another, but rather, wish to promote all religions as an expression of God and love. This, however, does not mean I promote the traditional conduct engaged in by believers in any particular faith, especially when that conduct involves such hideous rituals as mutilation of female genitals so that women may not know the pleasure of sex.

What a number or what a symbol means, thus depends upon the meaning attributed to that number of symbol. A cross has no meaning until people adopt that cross and give it meaning. A swastika, left handed or right handed means nothing until it becomes adopted by people and used. The Romans used the cross to crucify those who rebelled against the state. A crucifix was a form of execution. But, ironically, the cross was adopted by Christians as a symbol of sacrifice, love and God. Thus a symbol of death and torture became a symbol of love and faith. Humanity, you see, controls the meaning attributed to symbolism, weather it be a Roman crucifix or a swastika.

This is why I wish to restore the original meaning and symbolism given to the swastika as a symbol of well-being and harmony. When the majority of humanity comes to realize that such symbols as the cross and the swastika are symbols of God and love, then it becomes very difficult for hate groups to pervert the usage of such symbols by adopting them and calling them their own.

As I have said before, this is not an easy task. One does not move the masses of humanity simply by saying a cross is a symbol of Christianity or a swastika is a symbol of harmony. It takes education of the masses, perhaps even indoctrination of the masses, to have a symbol become recognized as having a particular meaning. Plus what a cross or swastika means to one group of people, may not be what it means to another.

This is why I have set out to create a whole series of new designs based upon hearts as symbols of love and the idea that God is Love.

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God Is Love

When people begin to see and believe that God is Love, when they begin to adopt symbols of this expression, then the people of the world will begin to move toward a mind set of peace, love and harmony rather than one of division, conflict and war. So you see, there is reason behind my journey around the world to explore its great wonders and reflect those wonders through a series of beautiful and symbolic designs. My goal is to promote peace and love among all humanity that none be LOST!


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