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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Boycott Made In China: Save The Dog!

Special Alert! Boycott Made In China

Special alert! Everyone is being asked to boycott made in China products to protest the killing of over 50,000 dogs in Red China by order of communist government officials! Please join the international movement to boycott everything made in China!

Click on pic to learn about international boycott of Made In China
Boycott Made In China Products to protest killing of over 50,000 dogs in Red China in July, 2006

Sources say that Red China may have plans to kill over 500,000 dogs in the near future as they have done such culling in the past (in 2003 over 170,000 dogs were killed). The World Health Organization and ASPCA have both issued position papers against usage of such culling methods as ineffective in control of rabies which can only be effectively controlled through a vaccination program. But unless everyone takes action to boycott made in China products this may never stop! Take a stand today! Join the movement to boycott products made in China! All dog lovers please read Dog Is God Spelled Backwards and take a stand against the senseless and cruel killing of dogs in China!

The boycott of all products made in Red China has been issued by Project K9 and is echoed by the NSPCA (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Please show that you care and take a stand against the brutal killing and suffering of tens of thousands of dogs in China.


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