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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Great collection of gifts and apparel

I've been very creative over the last year or so adding many new designs to my gallery of gifts and apparel. Click here to visit Byteland Art Gallery. In fact, I've created so many designs that I've opened a new TopPics Gallery.

I want to invite everyone to visit my galleries where you may shop for gifts and apparel. Also, please comment about my work. In doing so please note that my work often reflects current events or serves as a way to make a simple statement upon products such as t-shirts, jerseys or caps. This WEARABLE ART is a way everyone may participate in the display and expression of ideas. So I hope you enjoy my work.

One of my great delights is to make Christmas gifts. You will find a great collection of new Christmas designs in my gallery. Please watch the above video and visit Santa's Workshop. This will save you time during the holiday season and you can shop for some wonderful gifts and apparel which feature original creations upon WEARABLE ART.

As my friends and fans may know, I am very concerned about the safety of toys. I am a strong advocate for the manufacture of safe toys. If you want to help please watch my No Lead In Toys video.

You can help raise awareness by wearing a No Lead (Pb is the symbol for lead) t-shirt or even putting a sign in your yard. Also, I urge everyone to shop in my galleries where all items are manufactured in the USA and do not contain any lead paint. This is a vital issue as exposure to lead can hurt and harm young children. Many toys that were made in China used lead paint. Even though many of these toys have been recalled, still millions of them remain in homes and nurseries where young children may put them in their mouths. This is a very serious problem and everyone can help raise awareness and keep this in the public's mind by displaying NO LEAD gifts and apparel.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy learning about my work and sharing it with others on gifts and apparel. Thank you for your patronage.


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