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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lex Was Here For The Crime Of Doodling

Lex Was Here

"Lex Was Here" For the crime of doodling.

Stop child abuse, bullying, and exploitation! Please click on pic to give your support for this vital cause.

Lex Was Here

Lex Was Here For The Crime of Doodling

Alexa was handcuffed and taken out of school to jail for the crime of doodling. All she did was write "Lex was here" in washable marker on her desk. Yet now Alexa has been disgraced, defamed, and made a criminal by the New York Police Department. This is a serious bullying, exploitation, and abuse of children. Please help stop such abuse and criminalization of our children!

To help stop the bullying, abuse and exploitation of children everywhere you may buy a high quality Awesome Designer Print of "Lex Was Here" in digital file format which may be printed using heat transfer or other methods as an artistic expression of freedom of speech and press to protest the mistreatment of children by the public school systems and corrupt individuals in the state law enforcement agencies. We must fight bullying, abuse, and exploitation of children in our public institutions the same way we would if it was done by parents in our homes. Please help! Get "Lex Was Here" today.

Doodling is a form of free speech and expression as well as a form of artistic expression. Many talented artists begin learning how to draw and express their imaginations by doodling. If children are arrested and made to suffer a traumatic experience for doodling, this can cause life-long trauma and prevent the development of their creative spirits, imaginations, skills and abilities. It is vital that children be permitted to express their artistic spirits by being allowed to doodle or make drawings, even while in class. Many of the greatest artists in the world began by doodling. Therefore we hope people everywhere will join the protest against such abuse, exploitation and censorship of our children's freedom of expressions.

Click upon the secure PayPal button below to order "Lex Was Here" which comes in three .PNG type file sizes: Small (300x300 pixels) @ $3.00; Medium (600x600 pixels) @ $5.00; and Large (1024x1024 pixels) @ $9.99. After receipt of your payment a high resolution .PNG type Awesome Designer Print will be sent to you by return email. This may be freely used or reprinted to make T-shirts, posters, or other material to use to protest child abuse and exploitation This design is being made available freely: you are only paying a small amount to cover processing, handling and file transfer time. Any profits will be donated to a non-profit corporation to help stop child abuse, bullying, exploitation and/or animals abuse and cruelty to animal which is often a precursor to child abuse.

Lex Was Here

Copyright © 2010 by Freedom Designs. All rights reserved.

Credits: The design entitled "Lex Was Here" was inspired by a photograph taken of Alexa Gongalez, a twelve year old girl who was handcuffed and suspended from school for doodling. All rights are retained by the original photographers, designers and authors.


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